About CybGENE

Built From The Love Of Sports and Fitness

‘CybGENE’ was developed in 2013 by a few fitness and outdoor fanatics, who were keen to create a fitness and outdoor brand that looking to make a change where it matters the most. They wished to bring special designs to the market and create a few of the most eye catching products in the sports and fitness industry.

CybGENE is a serious brand that focuses on quality and innovation. In everything we do, we strive to be different and excellent. We refuse to stick to the status quo – that’s why we craft cool products that radiate innovative design, quality, and most importantly, practicability. Available in a variety of exciting shapes, there’s something for everyone to savor the flavor of every type of adventure.

Our story began like any other. We were young dreamers with a hunger for adventure, looking to make a change where it matters the most. We’re but a humble group of adventure-seekers who adore sports and fitness, and all things “cool”. We’re different from most, as is our attitude towards products that always pursue excellence.

It’s All About YOU!

Here at CybGENE, you as our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We always look at the bigger picture, placing the puzzles pieces together to create the uncompromised quality you seek. CybGeners are a team of dedicated dreamers, with a passion for sourcing, creating and distributing all things cool. We’re young, ambitious and committed, providing healthy hydration solutions where they’re needed the most. We like things that’re durable, brilliant and intuitive – and we adore putting cool smiles on cool people’s faces.

Each CybGENE product is carefully designed by a unique project team of professionals who know no limits. We live and breathe creativity, employing world-renowned manufacturers who monitor every last detail for uncompromised perfection.