Compression Socks
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Our socks fit for
  • Edema, Lymphedema and Venous insufficiencies
  • Tired, aching, fatigue, and swollen feet
  • Shin splints and calf muscle pull
  • Post-surgical recovery and athletic recovery
Reduces the risk of injury
  • Improves the oxygenation of your muscles
  • Minimizes muscle vibration and micro cracks
  • Helps prevent varicose veins
  • Reduce the ability of superficial veins in the leg to expand and overflow with blood
Helps to recover faster
  • Helps control swelling through improved blood flow
  • Reduces the feeling of heaviness and fatigue in the leg
  • Helps to speed recovery time after surgery
  • Helps to relieve muscle pain
  • Reduces swelling and fatigue by prolonged sitting or standing
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Reduces muscle soreness in the feet and legs

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CybGene Compression Socks

All CybGene products are built with high top quality parts and also are constructed and also checked at our world-class factory before they are sent off. With sturdy construction, CybGene products are both dependable and special.



Great for relief of varicose veins, Calf Compression or other leg swelling issues. Prevent Blood clots after surgery & Fits well.

Durable Compression Socks

Our Compression Socks are durable and easy to dress on even though they are compression socks.

Premium Material

Made of 70% Polyamide, 30% Spandex. Delivers 360-degree stretch for greater flexibility and durability. Breathable high performance fabric maintains an optimal temperature.


Our socks are best for athletes, runners, nurses and doctors, pregnant women, travelers and anyone on their feet. The bottom of your feet carry the weight of your day, so treat them right with a comfy pair of socks!

Money-Back Guarantee

The socks come with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Try them for 60 days. During this time, if you feel they don’t worth every penny of your investment, we will give your full payment back.

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