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Tired of the injuries and pain? Not able to perform at the level you want to be? Can’t find the Kinesiology sports tape that can keep up your active Lifestyle. CybGENE Kinesiology Tape is your answer.

– Is your current Kinesiology Tape PEELING easily, with no real support?
– Suffer from Back Pain, Sore Muscles, Hematoma, Plantar Fasciitis, Aches and Pains, and Aching Joints?
– Want to reduce Lymphatic Oedema, Stimulate Hypotonic Muscles, Improve your proprioception System, and Increase overall health?
Let CybGENE Kinesiology Tape help you!

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Kinesiology Tape

All CybGene products are built with high top quality parts and also are constructed and also checked at our world-class factory before they are sent off. With sturdy construction, CybGene products are both dependable and special.


Strong Adhesive

Use for 2-3 days; Low sensitivity – NOT irritate the skin; Water Resistant – Anti-sweat; Breathability – Soft and Comfortable; Ductibility – stretch with 80%

For Everyone & Everything

Athletes, Tennis, Basketball, Climbing, Volleyball, Riding, Badminton, Fitness, Pingpong, etc.

Multiple Usages

Cut different shapes to relieve pain and support movement, prevent injuries as well as promote Healing.

FDA & CE Approved

Tape arches to reduce plantar fasciitis, or prevent blisters. Reinforced 100% Synthetic Fibers cover a expanded elastic core making Tape extra-light, durable and extra-strong. Ideal for tight leg muscles. Painless to apply and leaves no residue or stickiness.


30 days money back guarantee, 12 months exchange & lifetime support. Buy for occupational therapy & Great gift for friends and family.

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